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Effects of Weblogging in English on ESL Students’ Writing Apprehension at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Sabah

Suzie Wong @ Suzie Rahman


Student Readiness on a Newly-Designed Blended Learning English Language Proficiency Course in UiTM

Nur Fatima Wahida Mohd Nasir and Izaham Shah Ismail


Level of Academic Stress among E-learning Student-athletes

Vincent A. Parnabas, Julinamary Parnabas and Antoinette Mary Parnabas


Blended Learning Module for a Course in Statistics

Rohana Yusoff, Nur Hidayah Md Noh and Sarah Yusoff


Investigating on Students’ Acceptance on the Usage of Videos as Teaching Materials

Haslinda Noradzan, Zarina Zainul Rashid and Noridah Abu Bakar


Andragogy Characteristics of Undergraduate Students Towards Web-Based Technology of Learning in Association to Teaching Strategies

Salina Budin, Aznifa Mahyam Zaharudin and Shaira Ismail


Effectiveness of Algorithm Visualisation in Studying Complex Algorithms: A Case Study Using TRAKLA2

Ravie Chandren Muniyandi and Ali Maroosi


Refining the Flesch Reading Ease Formula for Intermediate and High-Intermediate ESL Learners

Anealka Aziz Hussin


e-Portfolio: From the Perspective of Pre-Service Teacher

Jasmine Jain and Johan Eddy Luaran


Instructors’ Perception on Integrating a Learning Management System in Teaching ESL Adult Learners Online Reading

Nor Fazlin Mohd Ramli, Saadiyah Darus and Nadzrah Abu Bakar